Professional Headshots in Salt Lake City

Looking for professional headshots in Salt Lake City? You’re in the right place. With more than 15 years of experience photographing people, I’d love to help you with a new headshot so you can make a great first impression.

The Importance of a Professional 

People form first impressions in under 7 seconds, and once they’re formed, they are very hard to change. Online, your headshot is your first impression. People will use it to judge your trustworthiness, credibility, and your dedication to your work.

Use your headshot everywhere you’re online. Social media, LinkedIn, and websites are great places to use a headshot to start building trust with your audience.

Excellent professional headshots can be the difference maker when it comes to job interviews, sales, and networking.

What Makes a Great Headshot?

A lot goes into a good headshot. Location, Lighting, and posing are all a part of it, but a great headshot also needs emotion. It allows people to connect with your photo and starts building trust right away. 

Common Questions:

I’m busy, how long does a headshot session take?

Years of experience have made me efficient. I use top-of-the-line equipment, and my lighting knowledge helps me turn average spaces into great photo locations. I’ve taken great headshots in under 2 minutes.

I can meet at your home or office for your headshot without taking up a large chunk of your day.

I’m not photogenic. Can you still get a good photo of me?

You’re not the only one that feels like that. I’ve heard this more times than I can count. More than half of the people on this page said that to me before their photo. I have over 15 years of experience photographing people and my specialty is making people comfortable on camera.

Should I really invest in this?

A headshot is something worth investing in. It’s hard to realize what you’re missing until you make the jump. Many of my clients have used their headshots to increase sales, get new job opportunities, and even meet their spouses.

The Process of Getting a Professional Headshot in Salt Lake City

1. From business headshots to actor headshots, they all start by booking your session. Head over to my pricing page to pick a date. I’ll follow up to answer any questions you have, and I’ll give you all the details needed for your new headshot.

2. We can review images during the shoot to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

3. After the photoshoot, I’ll guide you through selecting the best image. That image will go through my retouching process to fix any blemishes and help you look your best.

Don’t miss out on sales, job opportunities, and networking potential because of a poor headshot. Book a headshot today so we can get started. 

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About Nick Roush

Nick is a professional headshot photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s served the business community for years with his unique headshot style that captures emotion and will set your headshot apart from the competition.